What is included in a "table?"

We use professional tables and authentic chips, playing cards, and dice. The price includes three hours rental of the table and a dealer and the necessary supplies for that particular game. The following is a guide to determine space requirements of selected tables:
Players Per Table

Table Price*

Table Price*
Recommended Space Requirements
Wheelchair Accessible
Blackjack 7 Players 170 250 80 sq ft Yes
  Texas Hold'em 9 Players 170 250  102 sq ft Yes
Craps 12-14 Players 400 525 112 sq ft No
Roulette  8 Players 170 250 96 sq ft Yes
3 Card Poker 7 Players 170 250 80 sq ft Yes
Bingo 50 players 260 425 50 sq ft Yes
Slot Machines Available upon request 12 sq ft Yes
Other Table games Available upon request    

* Table Prices are subject to change without notice, please call or email for an exact quote.
Volume discounts are available.

I've never done this before how can I check you guys out?
We encourage you to check our references, we have heard many stories from our customers about other casino party companies they've hired in the past, each quote you get from 3 Aces Casino Parties will include a number of references for you to check. But you can also go to our Testimonial page here and see what some of our customers say about us.

Are you insured?
3 Aces Casino Parties carries a multi-million dollar general liability policy to provide our customers peace of mind and security. Event planners and corporate party events usually require this kind of insurance for their protection.

What are my payment options?
3 Aces Casino parties provides you with the most choices in the industry. We take all major credit cards, paypal, check and cash. Please inform our party planner how you would like to pay for your party, it's that easy.

Isn't this illegal?
Fees paid to 3 Aces Casino Parties are for table rentals and services performed by our dealers and is strictly for entertainment purposes.  No monies are collected for placing bets.

Should I tip the dealers?
Tipping the dealers is not required, but highly apreciated. The decision is up to you and your guests to tip dealers during play. Corporate clients usually add a tip of 15% to 20% to the final invoiced amount.

What if some of our participants don't know how to play the casino games?
Our experienced and trained dealers are able to teach the game they deal to any novices.

Why do I need a Texas Hold 'Em tournament director?
(for Texas hold'em tournaments)

A tournament director helps clarify any rules, keeps time, announces blinds, announces breaks and color ups. They can also answer any questions or clarify the rules of the game. The director makes sure the tournament runs smooth without any problems to ensure your guests will have the best time.

When do you deliver, setup and breakdown the tables?
We will work with you and the venue to determine the best time to setup. Usually we deliver and setup well before the start of your event so it's all ready when your guests arrive. We remove our equipment upon termination of the casino event.

What if I don't know how to host a casino night?
3 Aces Casino Parties has the experience to help you plan a successful and entertaining casino styled party.  We can provide planning advice, suggestions on prizes, and vouchers for players to trade for prizes.
Do the party guest need to be "of age"?
Since we provide our services "Just For Fun!", party guests can be of any age. As a matter of fact, the events we deal include Birthday Parties (all ages), Bar Mitzvahs / Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet 16, Graduations .